Mobile Responsive Web Design

responsive web design for mobile websitesRecent studies shows by 2015 the mobile web users will exceed more than 10billion it’s important to make your website ready for that. Before many years website is not a part of business it’s just an optional service. Then companies start to use website just to for show off something like a display section in shopping malls.

Then the era of website comes. From 2000 to 2010 almost every company start to introduce them via website. Even the possibilities of online marketing and SEO help them to get more business via website. The same time the generation of smart phones made revolution in the market. People start to browse using mobile but the websites are not ready the old mobile websites not at all attractive in smart phones. For sometimes mobile applications rule the market but the cost and effort made companies to think of it twice. Mobile applications also made difficulty because they need separate application for each platform like windows, iphone, android etc.

Here comes responsive website. Reliable, cost effective and platform independent. A responsive website will adjust its size according to the device we are browsing it. It will automatically adjust its images size. Widgets, text alignment and most important the menu and its style. The buttons and all will arrange in a sophisticated way for using it in mobile.

Most of the websites we can upgraded to responsive websites without much investment. If your website is developed before two years ago it’s the time to think about a revamping with a responsive website.


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